Julian Roberts

"You Need to be Understood to be Heard"

This is the most basic premise of communication.

If your brand and its communications can’t be understood they won’t be heard.

I create and deliver BIG Marketing Ideas to make sure you are both understood and heard.

+So what's the BIG IDEA?  BIG Marketing Ideas should be instinctively understandable to connect cognitively and emotionally. As humans if we don’t connect emotionally then we won’t listen.

BIG Marketing Ideas are the platform to emotionally connect with your customers and get them to fall in love with your brand.

They are the communication of the character and essence of what your brand stands for and the shared values with your customers.

I only work with clients who share this vision. The BIG Marketing Ideas I create drive long term success, as my clients have demonstrated and will testify. So, if you are comfortable with pushing some creative boundaries and prepared to answer, what may be, some challenging questions about your business and brand then we should talk. As together we will be able to create a BIG Marketing idea to get your customers to listen, understand and fall in love with you.



Julian Roberts




Julian Roberts Creative Marketing and Communications, Arctic Trucks

Arctic Trucks who famously took  the Top Gear team to the North Pole needed a new brand platform, communications suite and website to promote their extreme 4x4's to a new audience. Explore without Limits became their BIG Idea.

Julian Roberts Creative Marketing and Communication, ESET, Safer Kids Online, Internet Matters

ESET and its founders lead the way in Internet Security with a vision to protect progress and make the internet a safer place for all. Focusing on protecting child safety online and partnering with NGO leaders is making this vision a reality.

Julian Roberts Creative Marketing and Communications, Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab wanted a creative construct to demonstrate their specific expertise across multiple business sectors which would also resonate with consumers to build brand awareness.

Julian Roberts Creative marketing and Communications, SOVOS

A tactical BIG Idea was required by SOVOS the leading SAAS Tax Compliance software provider to target inbound delegates to a major Tax conference in Budapest. We targeted arrival areas with advertising in Budapest airport in the run up to the conference.


Using  groundbreaking AI simulation technology proved to be a true differentiator for the UK's leading provider of cyber security training in. the launch of their subscription service.  This "Big Idea" has generated some incredible engagement rates 

Julian Roberts Creative Marketing and Communications, In Hand Accounting

 Two words were the BIG Idea have allowed this accountancy practice to differentiate from the run of the mill accountants and grow their portfolio of clients they offer fractional CFO services to.

Julian Roberts Creative Marketing and Communications, Active Network

When Active Network were preparing for IPO they needed a new positioning which could explain more clearly to investors and the market as a whole who they were and what they did. As the ubiquitous platform used by event organisers to manage events and their participants around the world, we posed the question "What's your Active?" 

Julian Roberts Creative Marketing and Communications, Events, ESET,UKHO

ILive events are still one of the most powerful ways to directly engage an audience and press home your message. We devise BIG ideas  and themes for events to engage and thrill attendees and to make their experience and your brand truly memorable. We work closely with some of the world's leading event production Companies to bring these concepts to life.

Julian Roberts Creative Marketing and Communications, ESET
Julian Roberts Creative Marketing and Communications, ESET The more you connect

ESET required simple, yet powerful sign off for their communications globally. They wanted to convey the variety of type of security protection they offered. Rather than focusing on the security we focused on what people use the Internet for and how we can protect them, for whatever reason they go online. From this we created the communication platform.; "The More you Connect, The More we Protect".


Humber Zero required an inspiring new website and video to communicate the scale and ambition behind this project to create one of the world's largest carbon capture projects.