I have worked client and agency side in marketing for my entire career. I was one of the youngest main board Directors of a major UK PLC at the age of 24 as their Marketing Director.

Over the last 15 years I have worked as a Non-Executive Director/CMO for  businesses large and small, domestically and internationally, 

I focus on working with my clients to create BIG marketing and communications ideas which will drive growth and EBITDA.

A brand's and an organisation's motivational authenticity is essential in my line of work so I will only work with brands and organisations which can demonstrate this.

Here is a video highlighting some of my work.  If you need a BIG Idea to transform your marketing and communications then we should have chat. 

P.S. As you might have gathered from the banner image on this page I am also a bit of a thalassophile ! So don't get me talking about diving or the sea!