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"Explore without Limits" 


Arctic Trucks, the Icelandic specialist 4WD vehicle conversion and adventure travel Company had a strong following amongst enthusiasts but needed to broaden its appeal to a wider audience. This was imperative as the business had been contracted by major manufacturers including Toyota and Isuzu to build OEM versions of their pick-ups and they needed a strong brand platform to promote the Arctic Trucks heritage.

Their trucks took the Top Gear team to the North Pole and supported numerous scientific expeditions to the Antarctic but they had never monopolised on this.


Arctic trucks engineering is developed from their exploration endeavours but we wanted to contextualise this in a consistent form of words which would inspire a broader audience to buy into the capabilities and performance of the vehicles.

The core proposition and promise enable Arctic Truck's customers  to achieve their goals and reach their destination whatever their journey. This is fundamental to the spirit of the brand and it is founded upon its experience in exploration which has driven unique exemplars in engineering and invention.

"Explore without Limits" was created as the positioning statement  alongside extensive new branding assets using powerful imagery to inspire customers to buy into this heritage borne of exploration and is now used across both their vehicle conversion and adventure travel operations.

The Results

OEM manufacturers now use this brand positioning within their own marketing to promote the Arctic Truck variants of their pick-ups further amplifying the brand to a broader audience. The success of the branding has been instrumental in Arctic Trucks securing deals with other OEM manufacturers including Nissan and Ford to offer AT variants of their vehicles. This has enabled expansion into both North America and the Middle East generating sales of over 11,000 vehicles so far.