Safer Kids Online


ESET is one of the 4 largest cybersecurity software vendors in the world and the largest in Europe. Despite its size it still had relatively low brand awareness. As a privately held organisation the founders are still heavily involved with the day to day operations of the business and are active philanthropists in their own right. 

The challenge was to create an initiative which would emotionally connect with the broadest audience and also support the core mission of the organisation, "to make the internet a safer place for everyone", and to increase brand awareness in major markets.


Many Cybersecurity Companies had tried to promote their concern for child safety online, but their efforts were overtly commercial and promotional. We decided to create a true social purpose initiative to connect on an emotional level with consumers and businesses. The initiative plays back to the mission of ESET and the values of its founders, improving online safety for young people whilst empowering them to harness the opportunities the Internet represents to explore and learn.

By partnering  with Internet Matters, the leading NGO in this space and similar entities in other key markets, we identified the most pressing issues; lack of time and resources of teachers to effectively teach online safety. 

ESET funded and contributed to the development of  online resources for parents teachers and primary age students to develop their knowledge of online safety, which is closely linked to the UK national curriculum focus area of healthy digital relationships.

ESET continues to work with Internet Matters and other NGO's around the world to further the cause of child safety online.


Safer Kids Online is now a core pillar of ESET's global strategy, educating and building awareness of both the issues, and providing tools to support parents, teachers and young people around the world use the internet safely. It has also allowed ESET to engage with  and develop business relationships with some of the worlds leading brands including ISP's and Telco's as well as the world's most popular search engine;)