Visual Metaphors and Viral Success


Kaspersky needed to create a unique and memorable visual execution which could communicate the range of threats they could protect against and the diversity of devices which could be protected . This needed to work in multiple markets around the world and therefore to adopt a common visual language.

Additionally they wanted to create some engaging viral content which would raise awareness of some of the risks on the internet.


For the main campaign we created the concept of actual devices building to create metaphorical illustrations of the threats Kaspersky could protect against. These needed to work as pre-roll videos, TV commercials and large format print for outdoors.

For the viral campaign we used a selection of  well known optical illusions and conjuring tricks with a Kaspersky spin to engage viewers and encourage them to share the content to see if their friends could also work out the challenges.


The main campaign concept was rolled out globally across all major markets including the U.S., EMEA and APAC and in multiple media formats both on and offline. The campaign received critical acclaim and contributed to growth over the 2 years the concepts were deployed of over 30% year on year.

The viral campaign was shared organically over 12 million times.