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A Tactical Media Takeover


SOVOS were a newcomer to the EMEA market with their tax compliance software.

As a relatively unknown brand amongst financial leaders in EMEA Enterprise market in they needed a campaign idea to "put them on the map".


We identified that the largest event for CFO's and tax specialists was taking place in Budapest and that the majority of delegates would be arriving in Budapest in their international terminal.

So we took over all of the available media space in the arrivals hall and created some ads which were a little tongue in cheek in the context of travel but served to communicate SOVOS's arrival in the market.

We further supported the activity with highly targeted inflight media placement on flights inbound from major European financial centres the day before the conference started.


SOVOS"s team at the conference were flooded with compliments about the advertising, but most importantly the campaign resulted in meetings and sales to some of the most influential organisations at the conference contributing over US$2 million in directly attributable revenue. This represented a 100-1 return on investment.