"Can you Halt the Hacker?"


The Security Company have been providing cyber security education to some of the world's largest organisations over the last 25 years. During this time they have trained tens of thousands of people with thousands of assets and materials. The challenge was to raise awareness of the danger lack of training poses, and launch a subscription service to a broad audience of large SME's, enabling them to access TSC's range of training materials and to empower their workforces to be cyber secure.


The Security Company focus on their training on changing behaviours by creating awareness of the threats and highlighting how natural behaviours need to be considered and adjusted. to ensure security.

In collaboration with Sharper B2B Marketing we harnessed the power of an AI platform, developed by one of Europe's leading business schools to create an AI simulation "Halt the Hacker" in which users have to pit their wits against two protagonists, one of whom is looking to defraud the player. This simulation then links to further promotion of the subscription service offering. 


The simulation has been promoted via  LinkedIn and direct email. The uniqueness of the campaign and eye-catching supporting assets generated extraordinary performance with email open rates in excess of 20% and click through rates of over 60%. The campaign has also attracted very positive organic comments from  cyber security industry leaders and government representatives and proved to be a highly successful launch platform for TSC's subscription service.

To try the simulation for yourself click on this link.